Welcome to Wild Horse Steel Works.

I have always been drawn to working with metal. I first took a metal shop class in 8th grade.  My grandfather had all the welding equipment I needed to practice.  It began there.  46 years later, I'm still practicing, building and designing with metal.  The tools and equipment have changed but the satisfaction of nurturing a project from concept to completion has not.

My online stores opened in 2012. My hand made, steel belt buckles have been sold in all 50 states as well as Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Romania, Russia, New Zealand and Indonesia. I take a tremendous amount of pride in the craftsmanship of my belt buckles. They are built carefully with particular attention to the details. These buckles will last a lifetime.

Take some time to check out the steel sculptures and architectural pieces I've built. Some of the pieces have been sold or are on gallery consignment. Contact me if you're interested in something made of steel that will be special and unique.